AVIS Budget Group – Sydney Airport

We embraced innovative style under our Design and Construct Contract, streamlining multiple elements of Partitioning, Glazing, Joinery, Ceilings, Floors, Traffic Management, Security and CCTV and Customer Experience Enhancement for a refined and seamless finish. To our delight, the head of operations from the US stated that these two works serve as benchmarks for the upgrades to come across the globe. The completion of this project had multiple requirements, but there was nothing beyond the scope of our team’s capacity. We ensured that the process aligned well with a Federal Controlled entity, being the Sydney Airport Authority (SACL), and also obtained an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), gaining access to work behind security lines. Veles worked tirelessly to ensure that quality was a priority from beginning to end, from the development and submission of Airport Works Plans (AWP’s) to the final touches of the sixty day program.

With a total value of $1.4m, Veles was honoured to be entrusted with these two facilities, which were the first projects awarded since the brand amalgamation when Budget bought AVIS. The head of operations from the US stated these two examples are benchmarks for the upgrades across the globe.