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Veles Projects was established in 2017, based on the experience and relationships its founder, Serge Terzic, had established over the previous seven- y e a r period working for a well-known commercial construction firm.
We specialize in complex, live and fully operational environments, where safety, meeting deadlines, following procedures and maintaining continuity of our clients’ operations is both fundamental and critical. There is no often no room for error.
We have a reputation for taking on the most challenging of projects and delivering exceptional outcomes. Outcome requiring – requiring creative thinking and innovative solutions. And often in situations where others have walked away from the opportunity due to the challenge.
And with this background, experience and a solid track record behind us, we are able to bring innovation and fresh thinking to all of our projects. This applies to new building Construction,interior fit-out, building refurbishment, make good or remedial works.

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We work together as a passionate group of people with love to design

Our largest client is a chain of car rental provider which has exposed us to a wide variety of projects across all major disciplines. The skills required to navigate our way within such a high profile, highly secure and sensitive environment with a myriad of stakeholders, each with their own interests, has provenan exceptional training ground and helped shape us into who we are today.
The portfolio of work we have been able to build at across commercial, retail, industrial, logistics, refurbishment, remedial and public space also proves just how far our capabilities and skills stretch.


variety of projects across all major disciplines

With this providing a backdrop, Veles has evolved to deliver a range of projects for a variety of clients. Our clients are often blown away with the speed at which we operate, the level of fresh thinking and discipline with which we execute and the progress and turnaround times we achieve.




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